Differences between the Standard and the PRO versions of the alpha360 projects.

The alpha360 PRO project is designed for Industries that need complete ERP, CRM, Manufacturing, Retail and Hospitality functionality - for WINDEV and WEBDEV. The alpha360 Standard project is designed for Industries that need simple ERP and CRM functionality - for WINDEV. You can go to Order->Compare page on this site for more information.


Starting from v2 of the projects, all documentation is now on our web site and in the projects. There is also a special "subforum", named Documentation, where we frequently post "essays" about the projects. The old documenation, for v1 products, is still available on Google Sites - a link to them can be found at the end of this page. A series of technical videos are also available on YouTube.

What happened to the Retail project ?

From v2.11 the Retail Project is included in the PRO version.


Starting from September 2018, we are offering consulting services for the PRO and the Standard projects. Email us for more information ... If you prefer to work with WD developers, located in your country/area of the world, email us and we can get you in touch with our Licensees. We have customers all over the world and some of them have done "fantastic work" on top of the projects and the data models.

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